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Product Specialties


NTFB produces stable, reliable packaged burners

NTFB focuses on industrial package boiler burners and the refinery market for both retrofit and
new boilers specifications. Call NTFB to discuss other application needs. NTFB – listening to
exactly what you need and providing no more and no less.

  • 60K to 225K lbs/hr output
  • Stable & reliable designs
  • Highly field adjustable unique spud engineering for fast startup times
  • < 30ppm NOx on standard burner designs
  • Low excess air
  • Up to 20-1 turndown on gas
  • Dual and Triple fuel designs
  • Fully certified piping frames, controls, and burner management
  • Low NOx solutions to the low single digits using efficient SCR technology
  • Meets all NPFA 85 requirements
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