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Customized Combustion Solutions

NTFB Combustion Equipment USA, Inc. specializes in providing
practical combustion solutions for mid to large size, single and
multiple burner, water tube boiler and furnace applications. Other
applications are available upon request. NTFB markets its
combustion solutions directly to business partners who are looking
for highly customized combustion equipment to fit seamlessly into
their cost needs and design preferences.

NTFB is based near the San Francisco Bay Area, California with engineers working to address worldwide combustion
applications and specifications. Assembled specifically to serve
partners who will likely have on-going needs for single and multiple
burner applications, the NTFB team’s mission is to provide
practical, cost effective, environmentally responsive, combustion
solutions. Using Fluent and other design aids, NTFB equipment
designs are based on industry accepted principles to provide
reliable, long lasting, dependable results.

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